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A healthy routine
by Xufex

A healthy routine

The arrival of the new routine and the new school year makes us set ourselves new challenges. One of them may be to improve and take care of our family's diet, including that of the youngest members of the family. Food is essential to help the body grow and develop, so more and more parents are looking for healthy alternatives with a high content of nutrients and vitamins for their children to have lunch or a snack at school.


An ideal food for children to maintain a healthy and varied diet are chufas. Among its benefits, we highlight that they contain a high content of nutrients such as potassium, fiber and iron, which are essential to promote the development and growth of children and improve their immune system. In addition, being a tuber, it can be implemented to many types of diets as it is a gluten-free, vegan and allergen-free food. We have no doubt that it is a good alternative when it comes to snacking or supplementing the diet. On the other hand, as it has a high iron content, it helps to reduce the chances of suffering from anemia.


There are different products made with chufa to implement this food in the most appropriate way. Snexs are a great alternative to many sweet products that contain a high level of refined sugar because they are chufas dipped in chocolate. A plus point that this snack has is that it is packaged with a zipper and is very convenient to store in a backpack or bag.


Peeled chufas are also a good option as a snack because you can take them alone in a comfortable way. You can even use them to accompany an easy recipe such as a salad.


Starting the day off right is easier if you have, for example, a bowl of crunchy chufa for breakfast. Another way to introduce the tuber in the diet in a practical way. Using crunchy chufa as a topping will help your meals to be much richer and nutritionally more complete.


If you have a sweet tooth, you probably eat some pastries one day of the week. A healthy option is the one made with chufa flour. A great advantage it has, apart from those of the chufa itself, is that you don't need to add too much sugar because chufa flour is rather sweet. Baking with this flour has a taste that leaves no one indifferent, and it can also be implemented in many meal plans for people with celiac disease as it is gluten and allergen free.


How else do you think chufa flour can be incorporated in daily life? We believe that having breakfast or an afternoon snack with a chufa spread containing all its benefits is another alternative to consume this superfood. This cream can be spread on bread and enjoy one of the most popular snacks but in a healthy way.


When we incorporate the chufa in the diet of the little ones we make it nutritious, healthy and varied. They are in a fundamental stage where they are developing, and it is necessary to include every day foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients so that they can grow healthy and strong. And if it is good for the little ones, it is also good for the rest of the family. It is important that all together maintain a balanced and healthy diet. It is important that to achieve a healthy diet, we combine chufas with other sources rich in nutrients such as vegetables, fruit and fresh quality products.


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