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Xufex visited BIOFACH
by Xufex

Xufex visited BIOFACH 2022

Pablo Pintado, strategy director of Xufex visited BIOFACH, the most important organic products fair in the world. This is what Pablo was able to see and discover at this fair, which was held from 26th to 29th July in Nümberg.


What is the atmosphere in the health food or organic food sector?

Well, I would say an atmosphere of optimism, because although the fair is held outside its normal dates, which is in winter, it is true that there were many people for the dates on which it was held, a lot of international presence from the five continents and a lot of innovation in terms of the type of products.


In your opinion, which products were the most successful at the fair?

Well, I would say that there was a pavilion dedicated to virgin olive oil. It was one of the star products. All the values of virgin olive oil have been promoted, but it is curious that there were very few Spanish companies. There was also a lot of exposure of wines, organic or ecological. And on our side, I was struck by the number of companies offering organic granolas, bars or chocolates.


From what you saw and experienced at BIOFACH, are consumers increasingly concerned about a healthy diet?

I would say yes. Even the fair itself had all kinds of vegan menus in its cafeterias. At events of this type, cafeterias and catering offer healthy food at relatively good prices to encourage it.


How can Xufex help in that healthy diet?

Well, I think that where it is known, it is well accepted. I was surprised to find it in companies in countries like Hungary. And above all, I would say that the star product is flour because it can be used for prepared doughs for pastries, cookies, bars and others. Although it caught my attention that in a couple of stands we could find peeled tigernuts that were also ours. But I would say yes. What is missing is a lot of promotion of the product because curiously people who did not know it could be interested in it.

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